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  • APOLLO axle weigh pad with OMIL approved loadcells fitted cabled
  • Weight display with colour screen
  • Colour screen records overloading 
  • Full database
  • USB Ports
  • Mains or rechargable battery
  • Can key in nuber plates with normal keyboard for added speed
  • Large display available if needed
  • Fully cabled with steel protected cables 
  • Load axle deck range 0-40,000kg
  • Supplied with rubber anti-slip ramps
  • Weigh controller is supplied in a water resistance peli case and made in the UK

APOLLO Axle Weigh Pad

  • As we use 12 heavy duty high accuracy loadcells during the construction of these products, the battery life is limited to around 2 hours, however, it can be driven off of the mains. 

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