Full VWS RFID Reading System


This System can be fitted to the Lifter on RCV’s enabling the user to accurately identify their individual customers bins when being lifted. This is a standalone system, giving the user full traceability to identify exactly when and where a customer’s bin has been emptied. This system also works seamlessly with the VWS Enviroweigh bin weighing system, allowing customers to accurately charge by the KG for collected waste. RRP £3,200.00


System Consists Of:

(x2 Antenna’s, x1 RFID Module, x1 M350 Display (Enviroweigh), x1 I/O Module, x1 M12 4-way Straight f/m Power Cable 5m Fuse & Holder, x1 M12 5-way Canbus Jumper Cable 20m, M12 5Way Canbus Jumper Cable 2m, x3 u/sonic sensor M18 (bin on)


Full VWS RFID Reading System - ENV0027