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Full VWS UHF RFID Reading System


This System can be fitted to the Lifter on RCV’s enabling the user to accurately identify their individual customers bins when being lifted, where there is a need to identify bins at a distance. This is a standalone system, giving the user full traceability to identify exactly when and where a customer’s bin has been emptied. This system also works seamlessly with the VWS Enviroweigh bin weighing system, allowing customers to accurately charge by the KG for collected waste. RRP £4400.00


System Consists Of:

(x2 UHF Antenna-ENV0069, x1 UHF RFID Module-ENV0037L, x1 UHF RFID Module-ENV0037R, x1 M350 Display (Enviroweigh), x1 I/O Module, x1 M12 4-way Straight f/m Power Cable 5m Fuse & Holder, x1 M12 5-way Canbus Jumper Cable 20m, M12 5Way Canbus Jumper Cable 2m, x3 u/sonic sensor M18 (bin on).

Full VWS UHF RFID Reading System - ENV0068

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