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With over 85% of the bin weighing market in the UK, VWS is your one stop shop for all of your RFID requirements. We have a solution for all RFID applications in the waste and agriculture sectors.

Our RFID systems work seamlessly with the VWS Tradeweigh and Enviroweigh weighing systems, allowing customers to accurately charge by the KG for collected waste. The data then links directly to PurGo and VWS live giving the user full traceability, with industry leading end to end management processes.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the VWS SMART TAGs are an approved and high-quality transponder chip for identification and are designed to work seamlessly with VWS RFID and weighing systems.


Full container tracking is now easy, totally reliable and affordable. We have designed VWS SMART TAGS to work to read an accuracy of better than 99.9%

VWS SMART TAGS can be used in a variety of ways in fleet management. They can be programmed to incorporate identification data before they are fitted to vehicles or other assets, often by discreet and non-damaging self-adhesive means. The RFID tags can then be wirelessly interrogated by VWS SMART TAG READERS and depending upon the type and frequency of the tags, they can be read at varying distances from each other, to suit the operation. They can be used as a method of recording vehicle utilisation, vehicle weight when passing over a weigh bridge, or for charging on toll roads or controlled areas.

We can offer considerable discounts for larger quantity orders. Please contact our sales team via for a quotation today.

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